• 6 week duration
  • Car park and landscaping works
  • Colleagues canteen and toilet fit out
  • Back of house refresh
  • Roofing and cladding replacement
  • LED lighting upgrade
  • Signage upgrade

Fortis Vision are in week 1 of 6 of this project. The site set up has been completed successfully, and work has begun on roof cleaning and jet washing.

Male toilets are being refurbished under a phased programme during which time colleagues will be required to use bespoke Fortis Vision temporary facilities.

A meet and greet day kicked off the project with a social BBQ with store colleagues and the site management team, which provided a successful social and informal way to communicate and discuss the project and plans for the weeks ahead.

Landscaping and tree removal works have also been completed this week. In line with Fortis Vision’s environmental promise, the waste from all the trees that were felled was recycled into chipped bags of bark and logs and donated to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay for the animals.

This project is due for completion on 6th September.