“Working together, we work better” is Fortis Vision’s ethos and has never been more appropriate.

We’re helping our customers overcome challenging times, mitigating the negative impact of project downtime and restrictions, whilst protecting our team and the public from the spread of the Corona virus.

Safety-first, always.
Safety is a priority for Fortis Vision we have reinforced this policy alongside our customer-centric approach to ensure that we keep customers, our team and the public safe. Now that lockdown is easing, we have put strict measures in place on-site to reduce the risk of infection, more about that later.

Making downtime profitable.
Our management team have used time in lockdown (literally thousands of hours) to carefully asses logistics and value engineer current and future projects to ensure the best possible financial and operational outcome for our clients. We have built effective solutions to make up lost time and revenue for current projects whilst meticulously analysing and planning upcoming projects to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective operations.

Working remotely has its benefits.
Our nation-wide management team, based from Darlington to Exeter, are accustomed to working remotely, and we have harnessed this method of comms to now include our clients and continue our close collaboration digitally which is currently the safest way to conduct business. We also find that working like this saves us time on the road, reducing our carbon footprint, in line with our sustainability policy.

Back on site.
We follow all government guidelines, our team and visitors complete a risk assessment form every time they enter on site. Briefings, when possible are conducted digitally or in the open-air to avoid contact.
Signage, limitation of gatherings, respiratory protective equipment, physical distancing, hygiene, risk assessments, briefings are all part of our ongoing activities to protect our team, customers, and the public.

Please contact us to find out more: hello@fortisvision.com