Fortis Vision has become a nationwide industry leader within in-occupation refurbishment, delivering what many believe to be impossible.

Combining a strong vision, constant innovation, and a team dedicated to achieving exceptional results, Fortis Vision excels at delivering outstanding refurbishments that cause minimum disruption. We’ve carried out in-occupation refurbishments of purpose-built buildings spanning thousands of bedrooms and large-scale commercial premises across major cities in the UK.

Fine-Tuned to Perfection

Fortis Vision carried out its first in-occupation project on inception in 2019, refurbishing a central London-based student accommodation block with difficult logistics. Since then, the team has fine-tuned the process and scaled up to tackle full refurbishment projects that many, at first, deem to be impossible.

Our in-occupation refurbishment can be completed within a day, enabling businesses to continue daily operations as normal. Occupied spaces are never taken offline for more than ten hours, ensuring revenue loss is kept to a minimum. Robust planning before the start of the work ensures a flawless process from day one, while health and safety, logistics, programming, procurement, and labour provision are all meticulously planned.

Fortis Vision’s in-occupation refurbishment covers a broad spectrum of work, depending on the brief from the client and budget. Full-scale refurbishments typically include strip out, flooring, painting and decorating, joinery, new kitchens and bathrooms, new fitted furniture, and the installation of energy-efficient ventilation, heating, and electrical systems.


Fine-Tuned to Perfection

“When clients approach Fortis Vision, they initially don’t believe it’s possible,” Matt Porteus, Fortis Vision’s Strategic Account Manager, says. “My job is to explain to them that it is possible,” adding that he leans on time-lapse videos and testimonials from previous clients to showcase Fortis Vision’s work. 

Commenting on how Fortis Vision makes the seemingly impossible possible, Matt says it’s down to a tight-knit team and meticulous organisation.

“The incredible work that we do is because of the Fortis Vision team, strong management structure, and fantastic project managers who can essentially pin jelly to a wall. The planning and organisation that goes into the projects is incredible. It’s a slick machine, and everyone knows exactly what they are doing and when.”

Unite Students In-Occupation Refurbishment

Fortis Vision’s work with Unite Students is one example of our incredible in-occupation refurbishment work. For the past four years, we have been working with the nationwide student accommodation supplier, enabling students to return to their accommodation just ten hours from vacating.

Despite the tight turnarounds, Fortis Vision goes above and beyond to ensure work is carried out to an exceptionally high standard, leaning on highly skilled tradespeople and experienced project managers who oversee every aspect.

The Fortis Vision team recently completed work on its largest in-occupation refurbishment at Kincardine Court. The project included complete refurbishment of 229 bedrooms and bathrooms, 61 kitchens, and a complete restructure and redesign of the reception and common spaces.

Most of the in-occupation work Fortis Vision carries out is born out of necessity for the landlord. Within the rental system – such as student accommodation– there is often little or no time to carry out conventional life cycle work, traditionally limited to the summer. This is where the Fortis Vision team steps in, carrying out essential work to modernise and upgrade the accommodation without residents moving out, no matter the time of year.

“It’s really all down to the team knowing precisely what they are doing and when,” says Dylan Bradley, a Project Manager at Fortis Vision. “There is a huge amount of prep and planning involved.”

He adds: “It typically takes about three to four months of planning. During this time, we work out the logistics, what we need, when we need it by, and plan how we will tackle any challenges. Our supply chain, together with in-house planning, is essential to orchestrating the whole project.”

He adds: “On the first few days of the project, often students aren’t out on time. So, we now have a team dedicated to supporting the students to vacate for the day. It’s not always straightforward and without issues, but we all pull together to get it done. Once the students see what they are getting at the end of the day, news spreads fast and other residents look forward to getting their rooms refurbished.”


Ricky Simmonds, Head of Major Projects, adds that advanced on-site planning is especially beneficial.

“For all projects, we carry out a trial install. This enables us to learn any lessons and conduct intrusive surveys of the building to establish any unknowns. Planning and prior knowledge really help us in advance as there is little room for error when handing back rooms on a daily basis.”

You could say that making the seemingly impossible possible is all in a day’s work for the Fortis Vision team.

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