Extensive in-occupation refurbishment works to a 220-bed student accommodation in Seven Sisters, North London, ready for the 2023 / 2024 academic year.

  • -Replacement of furniture in 220 bedrooms
  • -220 new ensuites installed
  • -35 new cluster kitchens
  • -35 electrical distribution boards
  • -Full redecoration and replacement of all internal flooring
  • -Complete redesign of the reception and common room space
  • -Decommissioning of a cluster flat to enable reception area relocation

Fortis Vision has completed extensive in-occupation refurbishment works at Station Court, a student accommodation in Seven Sisters, North London.

The project’s scope of works were internal and external and included the replacement of furniture in 220 bedrooms, installing 220 new ensuites and 35 new cluster kitchens, the installation of 35 electrical distribution boards, and a complete redesign of the existing reception and common room spaces.

The works also included external remodelling of the planter beds, grassed areas, outdoor seating and bin store areas. While external spaces for students are often limited on London-based sites, Fortis Vision worked to improve the outside space to its full potential.

Project Manager, Rob Ottery, said: “Station Court was a complex scheme delivered in a live environment with limited access and storage space. The team worked hard with precise planning and execution to ensure the client could maintain their business-as-usual model, while undertaking a significant relocation and refurbishment of their common room space and reception area.

“The collective competency of our people and the close working relationship with Unite’s site team resulted in a smooth project delivery, and a well-received final result.”

Fortis_V_Unite_Station_Court_Lon (3)

Station Court, London

The project was delivered in two phases. Phase 1 was the refurbishment of the flats, with phase 2 addressing the reception space, common room area and external works. Phase 1 was completed within the agreed 10-week programme, which concluded prior to Christmas 2023, and Phase 2 followed in mid-January 2024, reaching completion in March.

Phase 1 saw the replacement of all kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, electrical systems and MVHR units. To ensure schedules were adhered to, Fortis Vision carried out the total refurbishment of two flats per two-day period.

During this period, to ensure minimal disruption, the Fortis Vision team moved impacted students into vacant flats, enabling them to continue with their studies and student life.

Phase 2 saw the remodelling and relocation of the reception and common room spaces. This eight-week project was complex as Fortis Vision undertook these works while ensuring a functional reception area was operational at all times.

This was achieved by building the new reception area prior to closing the existing space, resulting in a seamless switch between the old and new areas. The old reception area was then converted into a common room space, which expanded the existing space by over 40%.

Critical services such as lighting, power and data, had to be maintained to ensure student operations could continue to function, and during remodelling works, Fortis Vision maintained safe access to buildings.

The project presented several typical challenges, being a live site, the team worked diligently to mitigate disruption to students and to ensure the building could function normally at all times. All materials and tools had to be segregated from walkways and escorted as they were transited in and out of the flats. With daily deliveries and over 25 contractors working onsite, organisation and planning were imperative in the seamless delivery of this scheme.

As with all of Fortis Vision’s projects for long-standing client Unite Students, Station Court was delivered on time, on budget, and to the exceptionally high standards for which the company is recognised.

Station Court, London-8