Fortis Vision recently completed a large-scale re-development of a student common and reception room. The work was carried out at New Medlock House, Manchester-based student housing owned and operated by Unite Students.

Fortis Vision carried out the work over the summer, ready for student occupation at the start of the term in September. The scope included mechanical, structural, electrical, and complete decoration. 

The refurbishment was particularly challenging as it required reconfiguration to make the space fit for modern-day use, including converting an adjacent derelict retail unit (previously used as a restaurant) to expand the common room and reception area. 

The project posed several logistical challenges for the Fortis Vision team. The common room and reception area are right in front of a public footpath, so it required careful coordination to deliver and remove building materials. With students still on-site, the team also had to ensure a safe route through the building, always being mindful of minimising disruption. 

Large-scale construction work was carried out, including installing a new glass curtain wall system to maximise light, reconfiguration of the space, and electrical works. Once the new layout of the area had been created, the team completely decorated the room, including installing new flooring and bespoke cabinetry.

To ensure a usable and welcoming space, Fortis Vision worked closely with interior designers to ensure the new common and reception room met the needs of students today. Interior design features include clever use of lighting to ensure the space feels bright and airy, a fun and inspiring colour scheme, elegant yet comfortable furnishings, and the use of plants to help create a calming and aesthetically pleasing space.  

“The previous reception and common area were very small and not really very useable,” said Project Manager Dylan Bradley. “We aimed to transform the space to create a welcoming and useable area for students.

“The new common room is an amazing transformation and demonstrates Fortis Vision’s commitment to delivering excellence no matter the challenge. Now, when you walk into the building and the common room, it has a totally different feeling; it’s bright, airy, and welcoming.”

Dylan Bradley, Project Manager

New Medlock House’s new common room is now light and spacious, with a reception area, dedicated silent study spaces, a games room, coffee machines, and a karaoke room. 

The common room work was part of a full-scale in-occupation refurbishment project at New Medlock House, Fortis Vision’s largest project to date. In addition to the common room work, the team at Fortis Vision refurbished 686 bedrooms, 6 studios, 37 shared bathrooms, 562 ensuite bathrooms, and 151 kitchens. 

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